Why Windows Phone 7?

So the big question is, “Why should you develop for Windows Phone 7?”


1. Best Emulator

The Windows Phone 7 platform has one of the best emulators I have seen and believe me because I have many (Android, iOS, RIM).

– The emulator boots up much faster than the Android emulator and the interface is smooth once booted.

-Furthermore, the Windows Phone 7 emulator takes the cake when it comes to testing GPS features for applications. You have the ability to create test points and plan a route so the the GPS data changes, very awesome in my opinion.

2. Metro Design

It’s simple, sleek, and fast.

3. Program in Visual Basic OR C#

If you know either language you’re all set and if you don’t watch my upcoming video series to learn.

4. Don’t have worry about multiple resolutions

Android is dreadful in this area. You know exactly what your users will see.

5. Review process is fast

Apple is terrible when it comes to reviewing an app and takes weeks for even simple apps. Android will let anything through, even viruses. Microsoft takes 3-5 days and gives you a detailed document describing the issue.

The list goes on.